How to write your author bio

Write an author bio

Unsure how to write your author bio? Here are some tips:

  • Write it in third person, i.e., John Doe is the New York Times-bestselling author of SEE SPOT RUN… (Not I’m the New York Times-bestselling author of SEE SPOT RUN)
  • Write it to reflect your personality/writing style. If you write humor, use humor. If you write historical fiction, use a more scholarly tone.
  • As your career moves forward, be sure to update your bio to include new releases, awards, credentials, etc.
  • Write three different versions: 50 words, 100 words, 300 words (you’ll use all of them at one time or another, depending on the circumstance, i.e., 300 words for the website, 100 words for a contest entry, 50 words for a writers conference program).

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