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100 million people

watch video online every day.


Percentage of visitors more likely to buy a product from an online retail site after watching a video


Percentage increase in conversion rates using a book trailer on a sales landing page


Percentage of mobile video viewers who share videos with others

A book trailer


  • create an atmosphere, a mood
  • clock in at between :30 and 3:00, with the “sweet spot” at 1:10
  • err on the side of elegant simplicity

Should not

  • try to tell the whole story

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We keep costs to a minimum by

  • using royalty-free video footage, music, and artwork
  • performing all work on computer rather than using actors*

We take care of

  • brainstorming concepts
  • scripting and storyboarding
  • determining the best video-creation and -editing software for your project (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Wondershare, iMovie, and even Screencast-o-matic)

*If you shoot video yourself using actors, we’ll use it.

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